Career Accelerators

The Future of Work and The Role of Career Accelerators

University Career Accelerators are innovative online programs that have been designed by some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world in collaboration with some of the most successful technology companies in the world to cater to the requirements of today's learners and the digital economy. Developing the business knowledge required to translate those abilities into meaningful company value, the human skills crucial for gaining and retaining jobs, and the cognitive capabilities essential for ongoing growth are all aspects of professional development that are provided to students by career accelerators.

Career Accelerators provide an opportunity to have the "best of both worlds" for those who are starting new careers or switching careers and are looking for high-growth opportunities in the digital economy.

These possibilities for in-depth education are developed in collaboration with business and are laser-focused on producing results directly applicable to the workplace. Learners are assured that they will participate in a learning experience of the highest quality, develop the increased order capabilities that will set them apart in the digital economy, and provide academic qualifications recognized worldwide. All this is possible because the best universities worldwide deliver the courses in partnership with industry and edtech companies.

Facilitators of Career Accelerators come from prestigious universities and the business world, and both have extensive experience working in various digital disciplines regularly. They adopt a framework for project-based learning centered on developing practical talents that can be demonstrated to potential employers through an assessed project portfolio.

Learners benefit from Career Accelerators in two significant ways: the combination of the greatest aspects of education focused on careers and the value offered by the world's best universities. The first benefit is the creation of new options for learners' professional development, either by preparing them for new kinds of employment or by boosting their chances of promotion within their current industry. The second result is a credential from a well-known university that is recognized all around the world, and that offers a route to an acknowledged postgraduate qualification.

Career Accelerators are the industry-driven link between business and academic qualifications, using real-life business engagement, industry partnerships and education to achieve your employment goals.

Globally students are finding it harder to get the jobs and careers they seek and are promised by universities. The main goal of university students globally is to gain the necessary skills and experience to get the career they want. Industry is also reevaluating the necessity of qualification and rethinking what skills future employees need and what is the most cost-effective and efficient ways to obtain them.

Career Accelerators are specifically designed to fill this need by providing real world experience for graduates with real employers, making connections with industry experts and getting the practical skills you need to succeed. Partnering with universities allows the collaboration of educational development with the added benefit of experience, skills and training applicable to the current market.

Working together with industry and academics, Career Accelerators are the future of education and industry engagement.

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There are more and more career accelerators being launched all around the world from universities and innovative Edtech companies. The best career accelerators help you gain the work experience, professional network and qualifications to get the job you want.